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Alarm Monitoring of residential and commercial systems in Houston

We can monitor your existing Alarm system!*



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Virtual Keypad for Alarm System in Houston, TexasOne time cost of ZERO DOWN.  Just $19.95 a month


Monitoring Your Existing Alarm System

OnDuty Systems has state licensed alarm technicians who are certified to reprogram your existing home security system for monitoring thru our central station. If your equipment is new, or still in good shape, there is often no need to replace the current equipment. With OnDuty System's knowledge of the alarm industry, we are able to simply reprogram or activate almost any security alarm system to communicate for alarm monitoring

Even if your existing system needs some repair work, our State licensed installers will service and repair minor problems at no additional cost. We proudly serve the greater Houston area and have been in business for over 26 years with customer service as our focus.

*Cellular Communicator available for ZERO DOWN installation.  This device allows for the options listed below.

**Options are $5.99 each, per month.  1) Smart Phone control via virtual keypad, 2) Open/Close Email's and Texts alerts, and/or 3) Service Agreement for repair of Security System components.  

For full details on Alarm Monitoring and the Terms and Conditions, see OnDuty Systems' Agreement.